How To Choose The Best Dog Paw Balm

Dog paw from close view

As humans we often do everything we can to take care of ourselves. From the newest dieting plan, to daily fitness, and the products we use we always want the best. However, are you providing the same level of care for your four legged friend? Just like your hands need lotions, dog’s paws require balm. So, for all you shoppers out there who want to step up your dog care game, let’s start by finding the best dog paw balm.

Dog paw balms are creams that ensure optimal protection for your dog wherever they walk. The creams help with calluses and cuts from rough terrain like gravel and rocks. It is very easy to apply and most dogs love the comforting feeling it provides.

In terms of products, there are simple homemade remedies, as well as store bought products. Keep reading on to find out all you need to know so you can pick what’s best for your dog.

What is Dog Paw Balm and Why is it Important?

Dog paw balm as a commercial product has been around since the early 90s and is commonly referred to by many names. It got its origins from sled dog drivers. They realized how damaging the cold was for their dogs paws and needed some a remedy. They found the solution with some simple products. With a bit of wax and some other products, they were able to coat their dogs paws and better equip them for the frigid weather.

It is important because it helps your dog better care for their paws. Just as humans depend on shoes for protection, dogs depend on the paw pads for protection when they talk. While these pads are capable of taking a lot of abuse, they are also delicate and require constant protection too. Just think about it, your dog’s paws will experience cuts and calluses as a result of rough terrains, genetics, hot and cold weather, among others. Are you comfortable with just watching that happen and doing nothing?

Although they are practical, dog paws can become more vulnerable and sensitive due to certain weather conditions. It is important to look for any signs of discomfort your dog might be experiencing. Paw balms are essential when dealing with cracked dog paws and other conditions affecting your dog’s paws.

Types of Dog Paw Balms & Topical Creams

It can be confusing for a pet owner, with all the different creams, waxes, ointments, and balms on the market to find out which one you need. One of the main differences in these types of creams is that balms do not have any water in them. As a result, balms will be thicker than lotions and creams.
We’ve asked our experts to do a bit of a break down on each one and some of the benefits or uses.


Also commonly referred to as butter or moisturizers, balms such as our Paws And Snout Premium Protection dog balm are generally applied to your dog’s pads if your dog has cracking or dry pads. It is very good for extremely dry areas. They tend to be the thickest of the creams.

It is important to be mindful of what type of waxes, butters and oils are in your balm. If you want a more solid consistency, opt for a product with more wax. If you want a more liquid based consistency, look for balms with oils.

One last note about consistency, the type of butter in the product (soft or hard) will also affect texture.

Lotions and Creams

Dog paw creams and lotions are thinner products whose main objective is to act as a preventative measure to stress and damage. Unlike balms, lotions have a water base in them and they are intended to moisturize. Applying a dog paw cream or a lotion is a proactive measure that keeps your dog’s pads supple. This decreases the chances of the pads becoming dry or cracking.

It is important to make sure that the product you get is 100% dog safe. Dogs are capable of sensing the lotion of their paw pads and will start licking it off. You should never use your own hand cream on your dog.


Dog paw waxes are much thicker and provide a denser protective layer than balms. Dog paw waxes are effective in snowy, icy, or cold conditions. They are also great in rough terrains and lessen the chances of drying out of their pads.

However, you must not use them if you plan on walking your pooch on hot road surfaces. This is because the absorbed waxes will start burning your dog’s pads on hot surfaces which can lead to serious injuries.
We like to apply wax to our dog’s paws a few times a week during the winter. The cold cement and salt can lead to them cutting their paw pads which can lead to infection. It also offers great protection for trips to rocky beaches or the forest.

Homemade Paw Balm vs Over-the-Counter Premium Dog Paw Balm

Homemade dog paw balms are quite easy to make and use. They are definitely better than not applying anything to your dog’s paws. This is a simple recipe that we absolutely love and would be great for any pooch.

While homemade products do a good job, it is still advisable to buy high quality dog paw products. Although there are several good recipes on the internet, purchasing a product manufactured by experts is going to offer more protection and benefits for your dog. In addition, If you use a DIY method, there are no guarantees that the paw balm will be up to standard. If the end product is not ideal, it could lead to more harm than good.

This is because your canine friend only has two ways to regulate temperature. They achieve this through panting and their sweat glands. However, their sweat glands are limited and the majority of them are in their paws. When you apply balm that is not up to standard, it may interfere with this system.

If your homemade paw balm has a viscosity that is not right, it could clog the pores located in your dog’s paw. When this happens, they are unable to cool down efficiently, increasing their risk of overheating. It is therefore advisable to spend a little bit of money to buy a premium product that does not harm your favorite pet.

When you purchase, instead of making your own, you are ensured that it is expertly made using better quality ingredients than the ones you find at home. All this is done using the correct process in a certified lab. Such a product takes some time to create to ensure the high quality of the paw balm is not compromised.

What to Look for When Buying a Paw Balm

First and foremost, you need to ensure that it is of the highest quality. What exactly do we mean by this? Ingredients, production facilities, wellness benefits, and level of protection. That being said, there are plenty of options on the market, so you may get understandably confused and end up buying a substandard paw balm.

The first thing we can do to prevent that is to check if the dog paw balm that you are considering is expertly manufactured. For high end products, the manufacturing process is carefully done by a team of specialists to ensure that the balm not only serves its purpose effectively, but also does not pose any danger to your dog. So, look for anything with the approval and certification from bodies such as the USDA.

Here are the other specific qualities that a good dog paw balm should have according to our experts:

Organic Ingredients

The presence of chemicals in any dog product is risky for your dog’s health. Also, if there are synthetic ingredients in such products, it can cause major harm to your canine. So, a good paw balm should have wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients. Another reason for this is because dogs tend to lick themselves a lot and you do not want them to ingest chemicals into their sensitive digestive system.

A good example is our Paws And Snout Premium dog balm whose main ingredients are unrefined fair trade shea butter that is 100% organic, it is also full of natural vitamins A, E, and F. These ingredients are not only organic, but they also help with snouts, and shabby or wounded paws. It’s the all in one cream for dogs.

Ease of Application

Dogs are naturally playful and that is one reason we love them. Not many dogs will remain still for fifteen minutes as you fiddle with their paws while giving them a pedicure. This isn’t what dogs want to be doing. For dogs, the sooner you leave their feet alone the better.

It is therefore wise to opt for a dog paw balm that will not take forever to apply or dry, saving you both time and energy. A product that is easy to apply and hassle-free will act faster and get your dog back to his or her business faster.

Wellness and Recovery Benefits

As stated before, dogs are a playful bunch and once in a while, they may get hurt in the process. Unlike humans though, no matter how many times they get hurt, they will not stop chasing that elusive squirrel through the prickly shrubs. Just like you would apply a cream like polysporin to cuts, dogs need a cream for their cuts.

If that is the case for your pooch, opt for a balm whose ingredients promote soothing and healing qualities. Good quality paw balm can heal hyperkeratosis of the snout and paw. This is a condition that causes your dog’s paws and nose to harden and thicken when there is excessive production of keratin. Additionally, high-quality balms:

  • Relieve symptoms of paw allergies.
  • Heal wounds and assist in fading out scars.
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heal cracked paws, including chapped, dry, and rough ones.
  • Create an ideal pH on the nose and paws helping in healing.
  • Aid in the closure of a wound.
  • Soothe irritation and protect the paws from harsh weather conditions.
  • Alleviate peeling.

Hot and Cold Weather Protection

A good balm can protect your dog’s paws from extreme weather conditions. When it is so hot outside that you can fry an egg on the pavement, it is quite agonizing for your pet to walk around in such conditions as well.

You can help with this by applying a protective coat of paw wax to alleviate their plight. Depending on your dog’s breed and the weather they grew up in, they may favor certain weather conditions. If your dog is comfortable in hot conditions, they will require paw balm assistance during the winter. Applying a protective coat of dog paw balm will help them deal with the cold surfaces they walk on.

Here’s Why The Paws and Snout Premium Dog Balm Is Your Best Option

Our Best Dog Paw Balm - Paws and Snout PremiumWhile there are numerous dog balms out there, there is only one that is genuinely high quality and delivers the required protection for our dogs. When it comes to ingredients, ease of use, and protection, our Paws and Snout Premium Dog Balm is the best dog protection product you can get for your furry friend.

The balm forms a protective layer on your dog’s pads that helps in repelling water on wet surfaces. When you apply our balm on their paws regularly, it restores the original natural layer while maintaining their perfect shape. Since we only use 100% organic ingredients in the balm, the product is safe for your dog and it is even suitable for use by humans.

You can rest assured that the ingredients we use are ones that will be great for your dog. We spend a lot of time working with fairtrade companies to source locally acquired and completely organic ingredients. This saves us from putting in harmful preservatives that other dog paw balms have, and it stays affordable.

Last but not least, is that you can be assured that we will work to provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Unlike other companies, we want to keep dogs and owners happy. With our 100% money back guarantee, you can try the Paws and Snout Premium Dog Balm and see if it’s right for you, with absolutely no risk!

To find out more information, visit our product page and order one today.