How To Moisturize Dog Paws

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As humans, we often do everything we can to take care of ourselves. From the newest dieting plan to daily fitness, and the products we use we always want the best. However, are you providing the same level of care for your four legged friend? Just like your hands need lotions, dog’s paws require moisturizing too.

Dog owner want to use a balm for moisturizing dog paws

The dog’s paws are very tough and adaptable, but also very vulnerable under special circumstances. One of the things your dog may experience throughout their life is dry, cracked, or rough paws, that may or may not be moisturized. Why?

A healthy dog with a good nutrition base may not experience any drastic paws dryness and moisturizing in most cases shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine unless it’s pretty active or is already considered an older dog.

If you are not sure of the cause of the dryness or you don’t consider it as „normal for your dog“, visit a vet as underlying factors may cause that.

Medium-sized senior dog lying after moisturizing paw procedure.

? Occasional moisturizing may be a great natural way for preventing or enhancing the current state of your dog’s paws.

How to moisturize dog paws naturally in 5 steps

  1. Consider using a moisturizer based on your own presume, the level of dryness, and other factors.
  2. Clean the paws with wet wipes or under the water as the target is to have paws that are perfectly prepared for absorbing all nutrients from the moisturizing regimen. Trim the nails.
  3. Choose a paw balm that meets your quality standards and contains preferable ingredients in the correct ratio. For example, Vitamin E is considered an important ingredient for increasing the overall quality of canine paws.
  4. Dab only the thin layer of moisturizer and rub it patiently into the affected paws. Think about it as some sort of paws massage that leads to a perfectly absorbed substance at the end of it. Never underestimate this part of the process as the dog will most probably lick off the excess amount immediately.
  5. Repeat as needed, but keep in mind that at least minimal positive results of the quality moisturizer may be visible after a few uses (<1 week).


What to use for moisturizing your dog paws at home

In terms of moisturizing products, there are simple homemade remedies, as well as store bought products.

Homemade dog paw moisturizers are quite easy to make. Consider using any of these popular ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Beeswax
  • Calendula extract

While homemade products do a good job, it is still advisable to buy high quality dog paw products. Although there are several good recipes on the internet with the ingredients above, purchasing a product manufactured by experts is going to offer more protection and benefits for your dog. In addition, If you use a DIY method, there are no guarantees that the paw moisturizer will be up to standard. If the end product is not ideal, it could lead to more harm than good.

This is because your canine friend only has two ways to regulate temperature. They achieve this through panting and sweat glands. However, their sweat glands are limited and the majority of them are in their paws. When you apply a substance that is not up to standard, it may interfere with this system.

If your homemade paw moisturizer has a viscosity that is not right, it could clog the pores located in your dog’s paw. When this happens, they are unable to cool down efficiently, increasing their risk of overheating. It is therefore advisable to spend a little bit of money to buy a premium product that does not harm your favorite pet.

When you purchase, instead of making your own, you are ensured that it is expertly made using better quality ingredients than the ones you find at home. All this is done using the correct process in a certified lab.