My name is Michaela and I am the founder of Happiest Dog

While I don’t fancy myself as a writer, my co-workers insist I write the first few sentences about the company and our message on this page. They thought that only I would have the full capability to explain how much our operation means to me. In considering the passion behind this movement, I couldn’t agree more, so… 

We know that for most of you are dogs something really special; something that you are living for, and for some, everything you have in terms of companionship. 

We are firm believers in agreeing with the philosophy that most often your love, time, attention and presence are everything your dog needs, but on the otherside we want to be 100% sure that our furry friend is equally happy (happiest) and healthy at all times. 

To us, it is much more than just writing about how much we love dogs and other animals. Instead, you will feel our passion in communication, presence, products, and everything in between.

In all honesty, We are sincerely proud of this company and their products for the following three big reasons, and one small:

Everyone in Happiest Dog company truly loves what they are doing.

Our products are natural, of extremely high quality, and amaze pet owners and their dogs around the globe. Proof of their effectiveness is how they are created and tested, while keeping our above mantra in mind. In short, our products are powerful and popular because we love what we do, and more importantly, who we are doing it for.

We genuinely love our customers, and they love us, with only perhaps their dogs loving us more!  We share a perfectly balanced connection, of which We are extremely grateful for.

We often provide generous discounts for specific products, but don’t tell anyone.

Our mission is to not only make all dogs happy, but the happiest!

Please, help us make the dog world happier and healthier.