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Paws And Snout Premium Protection

Our premium paws and snout protection is a year-round solution for all dogs without any restrictions. Heals, soothes and protects cracked and dry paws and noses easy as 1-2-3!



Winter is coming!

9/10/2020 by happiestdog

Labrador Retriever dog in winter cap

We are already selling our Paws and Snout Premium Balm for 8 months with great success. Thank you! What could be better than getting such a positive review from a customer?
Winter is coming, but our balm can protect your dog’s paws in really cold winter without any problem. Try it today with free worldwide shipping 🙂 

Big News - We are celebrating!

24/2/2020 by happiestdog

Hey, it’s been a year since we launched our #happiestdog project. Come celebrate with us! Free shipping and special offers for everyone. Be happy and make your dog the happiest. End of report.

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