Dear Hoomans,
Welcome to Happiest Dog

Dear Hoomans,
Welcome to Happiest Dog


We know that for most of you are dogs something really special; something that you are living for, and for some, everything you have in terms of companionship. We simply exist to help all dogs be the happiest by creating organic balms, wipes, and more to make their life easier, happier, healthier and a lot more fun.

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Grey’s Anatomy is not the only anatomy you should be digging into. If your best friend has four paws, you should know them like the back of your hand.

If you think about it, they traverse the world barefoot almost at all times. Stepping on hot concrete, icy pavement, or rocky hill, you name it, is far from comfortable.

NEW!Β Dog Nose Anatomy Explained By Vet

Aside from the nose,Β there is no more important exposed body part on a dog than their paw pads.

A canine’s feet are strong and resilient, but not impenetrable. Their texture makes them uniquely adaptable to several terrains they come across, however they are just as susceptible as humans to outside forces like temperature.

Being a pet owner is a 365 day a year responsibility, and even as the summer months fade, dog paw protection ought to be at the forefront of your priorities.

While things like harsh gravel and blazing hot asphalt are certainly terrains to avoid in warm temperatures, it is actually colder climates that wreak an equal amount of havoc, if not more.

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