I Don’t Recommend Vaseline On Dog’s Nose and Paws

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Having a healthy, joyful dog is what everyone is hoping for. If you notice that your little friend has a dry cracked nose or their paw pads are peeling, you immediately start to think about how to help him. No wonder you might think that Vaseline will help him to heal the skin just like it helps humans.

Hovewer, I personally don’t recommend using Vaseline on dog paws and noses. Let’s dive into my 3 main reasons why and consider the pros and cons yourself.

Dog is having a fun with a jar of vaseline

1. Vaseline is not natural, nor eco-friendly

To understand the reason behind this we have to go back to 1859. Chemist Robert Chesebrough noticed that oil workers use a greasy jelly for protecting hands and healing burns. It was called rod wax. A few years later, he discovered, that by distilling this rod wax, he can produce a light-colored gel, that he named Vaseline.

Vaseline as we know is petroleum jelly and has been on market since 1870. Because it’s an oil byproduct, petroleum jelly can´t be called a natural, or eco-friendly product. Also, the parent company owning the brand isn’t cruelty-free.


2. Using Vaseline on a dog´s nose can be dangerous

Applying Vaseline on a dog’s nose isn’t generally recommended. Your pup will most likely lick it off and eats it. Because petroleum jelly is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, consuming it can lead to the tummy issues such as upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting. A few rare cases of lipoid pneumonia appear throughout the years too.

Don’t blindly listen to the pet owners in discussions that wrote: “go for it, no worries”, read the authoritative sources where a majority of them are against using it. The Vaseline product label also clearly states: “External use-only”.

Highlighting the "for external use" caution

? There is a minimum amount of risk in using it on a dog´s nose, but the risk is there and the negative long-term consequences can easily outweigh the positive results.


3. Using Vaseline on dog pad paws is well, complicated

Cracked or peeled paw skin heals faster when it´s covered with ointment. Yes, you can apply Vaseline on your dog´s paw pads to help with the healing process, however, make sure to cover it with a bandage or booties so your doggy won´t lick it off. The bandaging could be a challenging process, and even more, in case the affected paws must be moisturized 2-3x times a day and all safety requirements must be fulfilled each time.

Also, Vaseline is gooey and you don´t want to have your furniture and floors covered by it as the dog walks around.


What to use instead? My own alternative for Vaseline

I created my own natural organic balm that completely replaced all similar products, including Vaseline. I named it Paws and Snout Premium. It can cure all the basic skin problems easily and successfully fight the harder ones like hyperkeratosis or burned paws.

? My balm is 100% safe, natural, and exceptionally effective for treating various paws and nose problems. It can even help with elbow calluses.

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Before you decide to treat your pup with any kind of medicine, pay attention to the ingredients of the cure. You don´t want to give them any unnecessary chemicals and if you have doubts, always consult them with your vet.