How To Moisturize Dog Nose

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Does your fluffy pet look dull and a little down? Is your pet struggling with a dry nose and continuously licking it?

As a pet parent, you know your dog best, but how much attention do you pay to its nose? This is the only way dogs sense the world they live in. Since they use their noses so much, there is some wear and tear as well. Consider using a nose moisturizer.

Dog is sleeping next to various nose moisturizers.

Identify a Healthy Nose or When Do You Need to Use a Nose Moisturizer?

When your dog comes to wake you up in winter, it is the cold and moist nose that brings you to wakefulness. A healthy dog will have a moist nose. This wet layer helps him to hold the scents. When you see your dog licking his nose, what he is doing is tasting all the scents and taking in the surroundings.

Dogs also sweat through their noses, and having a wet nose is a sign of a healthy cooling down process. Unfortunately, sometimes the nose of a dog may dry up.

So, when do you need to use it? You can use it every single day to keep the nose of your dog in perfect shape, but if you think your dog does not need it every day, then you can use it only when you notice one of these signs.

  • Blood: if you notice blood in or around the nose, it could be a sign of a serious ailment like a tumor or blood clotting.
  • Cuts & Scratches: because dogs use their snout all the time, you may notice some cuts on it.
  • Cracks: shallow cracks may appear due to dry cold or summer weather conditions.
  • Sunburn: this is a common cause of dogs getting a dry nose. Just like our skin burns after a long day in the sun, so does the dogs’.
  • Rubbing: if you notice that your dog is continuously rubbing his paw on his nose, it could be due to dry, itchy skin.
  • The skin growth: if you notice corns, calluses, or thickened skin on the nose, it is a convincing sign of a nose hyperkeratosis that needs to be treated.


How to Moisturize a Dog Nose and What Should You Use?

The moisturizing part is super easy and not much different from a paw moisturizing procedure as you need just:

  1. Clean the dog’s nose if needed.
  2. Distract enough and apply a small dab of your preferred solution.
  3. If possible, massage at least a little bit in before your doggie completely licks it off.
  4. Repeat as needed. The results may be visible after a few uses, if not, contact your veterinarian.

Once you realize that you need to moisturize your dog’s nose, and you know how to do it, the next question is what to use. There are many options to choose from, and you have to see what works for your dog. Some oils are natural moisturizers and work well like

  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil

There are also many products available, from cheap to pricey, using only one ingredient or many. I created my own natural nose balm into which I put my heart, experience, and all my knowledge. I consider it a premium product as only the highest ingredients were used. If you are not familiar with mixing and creating your own DIY products, mine may be a perfect alternative.


A regular moisturizer can restore the natural layer and is completely harmless, even if licked by a dog. From my experience, is a quality moisturizer with healing properties usually the only thing, you should need to keep your dog’s nose and paws in perfect condition and even heal them from various problems. Take good care of your loyal companion and make sure that he and his nose remain active.