My dog’s lips are chapped: why and how to treat them?

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Hi Michaela!

I bought your balm for treating small issues primarily connected with paws and nose but recently discovered that my german shepherd’s lips are chapped. She didn’t receive any new toys or chewing bones, we also take a great look at what she eats and how much she drinks and there isn’t any major change either, so dehydration or food allergy is most probably out of the question. No change in her appetite, drinking habits, or behavior. Also, no medications are currently used.

The muzzle is definitely not narrow on her and wears it only rarely so I doubt that caused it. The dryness on the lips is almost equivalent on both sides. We started using your balm and saw the results almost immediately, but it greatly bothers me what triggers this dryness and what are the treatment options besides using your balm.

We don’t monitor her for 24 hours of course but I’m almost sure that the issue is not coming from any external source. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Great question! I decided to answer this email publicly so others with similar issues could get some valuable information.
Dog is thinking about what caused its chapped lips.

What else can cause chapped lips in dogs?

Even though this condition (most of the time just temporary) is not very common, it can definitely happen. You did a great job of ruling out all the basic easy-to-find external causes for chapped lips in dogs.

It’s good to know that the dog breed has definitely an important role to some extent as flat-faced and short-haired breeds are more prone to get through this condition more often, but all breeds are pretty much vulnerable as there is a wider variety of causes.

You didn’t mention how old your dog is but older dogs are prone to dry noses and paws, and dry lips are no exceptions. Elderly dogs can be really prone to it as their skin can become dry and fragile, making them more susceptible to chapped lips. If you combine the age of your dog with causes like high sun exposure or on the other hand the really cold weather, this specific lips issue may appear. Are there any recent environmental changes?

A group of dogs enjoying the sunny day.
A combination of a sunny dry day with a lesser amount of water can cause temporary chapped lips in dogs.


How to treat it?

Also, don’t forget that nutrition needs to change a bit along with the age of your dog. There are numerous articles about this topic that go much deeper, but even though I don’t know how old the dog is, try to add a fish capsule to her diet routine to help to improve overall health and reduce inflammation as a first step – it helps a lot and may drastically reduce the occurrence of dry lips in the future!

But, no worries, based on what you wrote it´s quite possible that the issue may have only a temporary character, and after treatment with my balm and a little nutritional change, it may not reappear anytime soon, or at all.

What I definitely don’t recommend is using Vaseline or any basic chapstick even if you are tempted to it (as you probably have it at home) as this may cause more harm than good.

Keep a close eye on her and if the problem persists or gets worse consult with your veterinarian for more nutritional tips or further advice as underlying health issues may cause this.