Can I put Vaseline on my dog’s dry ears?

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Let me shortly explain why I don’t put Vaseline on my dog’s dry ears anymore, and also recommend what to use instead. Dog ears are really delicate and sensitive organs and may be treated with the utmost importance. Vaseline, on the other hand, is the legendary moisturizer and your grandma probably can’t let it go and recommend it for treating everything.

But, could you really use it for everything? Even for your dog’s ears? NO!
Dog deciding if Vaseline is the right option for him for a dry ears treatment.
? Vaseline is not designed for dogs’ ears and may be potentially harmful. It´s designed for human external use only. Is not natural or eco-friendly. Frequently used on dogs’ ears could lead to a buildup and infection (by clogging pores). The risk exponentially increases by inserting it into an ear canal. That’s absolutely not recommended.

healthy dog face without any visible dry spot.
Healthy ears without any visible dry spots. No need to use any balm or Vaseline.


What to use instead of Vaseline?

I created my own multi-purpose moisturizing dog balm ? which is now available to everyone. The balm is specially designed to moisturize and heal dogs’ noses and paws primarily, but the ingredients are so natural and high quality that I sparingly use it on my dog’s dry ears with great results.

3 minutes treatment (or prevention):

  1. Use a clean cotton ball or soft cloth to gently apply only a small dab of my balm on the dog’s outer ear flap, being careful not to insert anything into the ear canal.
  2. Gently massage the mixture into the dog’s ear (outer ear flap) to help distribute it evenly while trying to create a positive association with this procedure by caressing your dog while doing it.
  3. Give them a rest for a few minutes and then wipe away any excess with a clean cloth.

? This treatment works very well for my and my customers´ dogs. There is literally zero chance to do anything wrong or worse the condition, but if you are not sure, always listen to the vet you trust. My bits of advice is not a substitute for veterinary care.

If you are interested in reading more facts about Vaseline, here is my take on why you shouldn’t use it on paws and noses.