Dog’s ears are dry on tips and edges. My home remedy.

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Acute or regular dryness can affect various parts of the dog ear separately or simultaneously, but believe me, in most cases, there is nothing to worry about. Let’s see when you should worry about dry ears, what are the causes, and how to heal them effectively at home.
A dog is standing in a front of mirror with dry ears on tips and edges

Dog’s ear is dry and flaky

Why do I see the dryness and flakiness at the top of a dog’s ear that sticks up or at the outer edge of a dog’s ear that runs along the perimeter of the ear? Should I worry? As I said this problem is super common and easy to solve unless the behavior of the dog or symptoms didn’t change or worse rapidly, including:

  • Visible redness that doesn’t look like a small temporary issue.
  • Discharge or odor.
  • Scratching or shaking their head to the point where it is not normal.
  • Past experiences with ear infections or other ear-related issues.
  • Enormous and persistent flakiness which may also indicate ear margin hyperkeratosis.

⚕️ If you experience anything from the above, visit a vet. The issue is more serious than a mild dryness and further professional inspection is needed.

Common causes

Causes of dry ears in dogs include allergies, ear infections, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases, certain medications, lack of essential fatty acids in their diet, exposure to irritants, and genetics (chihuahua, french bulldog, boston terrier, pitbull, dachshund…).

Healthy older staford named Ailin without any visible dry skin.
Ailin is a good girl and even for her age, she maintains beautiful, shiny skin without any dryness thanks to the Happiest Dog balm.
? Luca, my beloved customer.


My home remedy for dry dog ears

? What I truly DON’T recommend using is Vaseline which is quite popular for “treating” everything. This product is not made for healing dry dog ears and the risk of making the situation worse is tremendous.

What can I put on my dog’s dry ears instead?
If you are sure that your dog ears experience just a mild dryness that doesn’t look serious (also, the inside of the ear is healthy) and it’s not noticeable unless you look for it or you touch it, then let’s heal it at home.

– Be sure that the dryness isn’t caused by irritants (perfumes, cleaning products, or cigarette smoke), if so, remove or limit these triggers.
– Be sure that the dog diet is full of quality nutrition and doesn’t lack essential fatty acids (fish oil, flaxseed oil, chia seeds …).

My 3-steps of self-medication routine

1.) Use a gentle ear cleaning solution to clean your dog’s ears. This can help remove any dirt or eventually debris or wax buildup that may be contributing to the dryness. This also allows the body to heal the dry dog ear itself.

2.) Give it a 24 hours and check if its get better on its own.

3.) Gently apply a small amount of coconut oil or aloe vera which are fine and could be bought in a good quality. If you are looking for something advanced in an exceptional quality that is also applicable to many other skin issues, please take a look at my Best Paws and Snout Premium balm. You should see the visible changes after a few applications.