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Why Is A Dog’s Pink Nose Called Snow?

There are various reasons why your dog s nose can become pink. Non-healthy pink dog nose also called snow nose on white dog
The noses on our pups are not just their favorite sense to use on a daily basis, but also a good barometer to use as an owner if your dog is fully healthy. It is a condition that refers to the amount of pigment that is being altered due to the absorption of transmitted light. A less science-based explanation is simply that the elements, particularly sunlight, are changing the coloration of a snout.

Why Snow Nose?

As you might expect, the term ‘snow nose’ has been attached to pigment loss in pets because it happens more noticeably during the winter. This isn’t to say it is not a year long occurrence, but rather something that is excessively important in the colder months. The best way to ascertain what is taking place is to think of it as a type of sunburn for animals. Similar to when exposure causes a human’s skin to react negatively, the same is true of dogs. It creates discomfort and irritation, and in some cases can lead to a moist nose becoming dry or cracked.

How Serious Is Snow Nose?

For you and I, sunburns are merely a nuisance, but one that we do not take lightly. This line of thinking is appropriate for your companion as well. It is very rare that snow nose will have long lasting effects other than an aesthetic change, as pigment loss is temporary; unless your breed is older. That being said, irritation is sure to occur if left alone. Because the condition has the word ‘snow’ attached to it, many believe that it is a non-issue in the summer months. This is patently untrue, as exposure can and will take place 365 days a year.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Developing Pink Nose?

Interestingly, snow nose is more prevalent in pets with lighter fur, such as white coats. Of course it affects all types of breeds regardless of color, and the symptoms are very similar. An afflicted canine will display a very bright pink or brown snout. If your dog already has a pink nose normally, a stripe will become noticeable. Another way to tell if snow nose is bothering your pup is if the center of the nose is pink, while the outer region remains darker.

A side note about snow nose is that sometimes animals exhibit changes to the shade of nostrils from eating and drinking from plastic bowls. If you suspect this is the case instead of outside forces, immediately replace your dishes with those of the stainless steel variety. After a matter of days the pigment color should return to normal. If it does not, your pup undoubtedly is showcasing the onset of snow nose.

Thyroid conditions have also been known to have a correlation to the manipulation of the pigment in dogs. This is a little different, however, than snow nose, as this ailment usually causes the color to darken, whereas exposure is more pale.


Snow nose is a temporary issue, but not without its drawbacks. If long walks or extended periods of time out in the yard are par for the course for your canine, you better believe the condition will rear its head at some point. This is especially true in open areas like fields or places without shade because there is nothing to stop the sunlight from reducing pigment loss. If your animal has a dark nose, it will return to this shade once snow nose has been remedied.

There are a bulk of options available to owners to circumvent this occurrence, however by far the most advisable are those that soothe with natural ingredients. Dog noses are extremely sensitive to mixtures with additives and untested components. Paws and Snout Premium Protection Balm simultaneously restores pigment color, but more importantly, provides an impenetrable shield to combat harsh light. It is akin to a sunscreen that protects your skin for days. Moreover, it is a year-long solution, meaning regardless of the elements, the desired healing effects are guaranteed. Since dogs lick their noses with regularity, it is a bonus that ingestion of the balm will never lead to nausea or vomiting. Paws and Snout Premium is a full-proof remedy that acts swiftly to bring your dog’s healthy nose back to fruition.

How Long Until You See Positive Results On Your Dog?

Because Paws and Snout Premium is created with the proper amount of shea butter and vitamins, it provides a sensation that cools the nostrils and instantly begins to revive them. A canine’s nose will experience rejuvenation in a matter of minutes, and overall a few days will have it looking (and feeling) as good as new. Even better, natural choices like Paws and Snout Premium last much longer than cheap alternatives.

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